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Imprinted Paws Dog Training is here to offer you many services to help reach all your goals with your dog. We work with all temperaments, breeds and ages. 

We spend time with you in choosing what program is the best fit 

Choosing the right program is the first step towards success

Private Parties

Individual Programs


Board and Train

Our Board And Train Program is made for all dogs and all different

behaviors. The program is not only highly effective but daily your dog is working with professional trainers who have the opportunity to dedicate time and high consistency to your dogs transformations.

Board and trains range from short programs that are 7 days long for dogs who mainly need to work on proper leash walking and more public control.

2 week programs which is our most popular is everything from outdoor work and is highly focused on in home house manners pertaining to issues where your dog may struggle with impulse control.

4 to 6 week programs that are based off behaviors such as extremely high anxiety, dog and human aggression. 

A board and train program gives you an opportunity to step out of the equation and take time in preparing changes that can be made to have a more balanced dog and an even more solid relationship where there is clear communication. 


Private Training

Our Private Training Program is great for someone who wants to be apart of the step by step process of reaching those goals. A trainer will take time and go over all those behaviors that need work while writing up a program sheet that is followed week by week. Training will be done one day a week and the program last anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the case.

We recommend anyone who chooses this program to be ready not only for a hands on training experience but to also to be prepared to be dedicated to working on what was taught in each session daily to insure those goals are being reached 


In Home Training

Our In Home Training Program is dedicated to people who struggle with dogs who have serious territory behaviors. Providing this service really helps owners and dogs break down each layer of the cause and effect of this behavior. We provide owners with a consistent training solution that is highly situational based, and we have been highly successful since.

Many people really like the idea of in home training but its truly about being successful in your program.

If the behaviors you struggle with are jumping at the door, pulling on the leash, excessive barking or anything pertaining to manners, or impulse control, the best option for you with your dog would be to go and target those behaviors where distractions are easily provided for you, that way you and your dog will truly receive the benefit of your program.

In home training is also provided for people who suffer from any health issues that makes transportation difficult 

We are here to help

Corporate Events

Group Programs


Group Class

Group class programs are extremely fun and good for obedience, distraction work for impulse control building and very informational.


We recommend that anyone signing up for our group class has a solid foundation already put into their dog. 

Training in a group class setting may be very frustrating for an owner especially if there is a lack in leash control.

It is important to us that everyone feels great leaving group with not only something new to work on but proud of their dogs impressive behavior through the class.

If group class is something you really want to provide your dog with for their advancement and also your experience definitely take one or two private session so you can be sure to have good control of your leash for your dogs safety and others as well.

We look forward to standing side by side with you and others on your advancement

Canine Good Citizen Test are also provided in this program




Boarding is provided for all clients who have previously trained with Imprinted Paws

It is important that your dog is comfortable and also somewhere where consistency can be offered especially after training


Home from home while you are away  


Rehabilitation training programs are very much based on a very specific behavior that may be a huge struggle for the owner and the family.


If your dog has made it to where guests cannot come into your home

If you have dogs living in your home that you have to keep separated 

If you are using medications to prevent your dog from being anxious 

If your dog is in any of these categories then a rehabilitation program would be highly recommended for you.

This program is a combination of of all the programs combined 

We have found to be most effective with dogs who have serious behaviors that have been practiced for a long period of time covering all grounds is the best policy.

Doing several privates helps the owner with hands on experience, boarding helps with over all a solid understanding of these negative behaviors and separates the owner from the situation creating a clean slate to start with and being capable of making it to a group setting shows you now have control around distractions that would have caused stress before.

We look forward to helping you begin this journey.

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