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Our Team

Valerie Nicole Iannello

Owner and Professional Trainer

Valerie is the owner and main trainer at Imprinted Paws

With 17 years of hands on experience she believes training dogs is just a small part of being a trainer. Valerie opened Imprinted Paws with one main focus REPLICATION

She has learned throughout the years teaching and being a guide for people struggling with a dog is the most important aspect of training. Humbling yourself as a trainer and recognizing that handler skill with a dog is fantastic but the owner needs that same confidence.

Valerie has dedicated her life to training dogs and believes the best thing she can do for dogs is focus heavily on the owner, focusing on remembering how an owner lives their life and applying that to how we can reach goals alongside their dog.

Before opening her own program Valerie dedicated 6,000 hours of volunteer work to shelters, and worked along side several rescues training and homing dogs.

Valerie worked with several trainers throughout the years studying working dogs, service dogs and pet dogs so she would be a more well rounded trainer who understands different styles, methods and business ownership.

If you are looking for a trainer who puts time into explaining each step and why its important Valerie will provide that for you. 

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