Our Team

Valerie Nicole Iannello

Owner and Professional Trainer

Valerie is the owner and main trainer at Imprinted Paws

With 17 years of hands on experience she believes training dogs is just a small part of being a trainer. Valerie opened Imprinted Paws with one main focus REPLICATION

She has learned throughout the years teaching and being a guide for people struggling with a dog is the most important aspect of training. Humbling yourself as a trainer and recognizing that handler skill with a dog is fantastic but the owner needs that same confidence.

Valerie has dedicated her life to training dogs and believes the best thing she can do for dogs is focus heavily on the owner, focusing on remembering how an owner lives their life and applying that to how we can reach goals alongside their dog.

Before opening her own program Valerie dedicated 6,000 hours of volunteer work to shelters, and worked along side several rescues training and homing dogs.

Valerie worked with several trainers throughout the years studying working dogs, service dogs and pet dogs so she would be a more well rounded trainer who understands different styles, methods and business ownership.

If you are looking for a trainer who puts time into explaining each step and why its important Valerie will provide that for you. 

Tara Nicole Kubistal

Assistant Trainer and Owner of

The Right Way Dog Walker

Tara has always had a passion for dogs and always wanted to work in a field where she felt she was making a difference and helping people. Dog training has definetely brought her the joys of both.

Tara has been working for Imprinted Paws for 4 years and has had hands on experience with many differente temperments, always with the same goal in mind.

Creating a well rouned understanding dog who respects and enjoys the work.

Tara works mainly with our board and trains transitioning them day to day to understand new rules and manners in the home, she also is our main off leash trainer helping dogs clean up their recall and also setting boundaries for owners who do not have fences.

After 2 years of working for Imprinted Paws Tara also opened The Right Way Dog Walker

This is a program for owners who want to have a dog walker but need to keep the training that has been instilled consisitent.

Tara is known as the right hand to Imprinted Paws 

she is dedicared and hard working and always hits each goal on an owners check list.

Imprinted Paws is proud to have her 

Jake Friedl

Jake knew as a kid dogs were always going to be a huge part of his life 

He has been a team member with Imprinted Paws for one year and has helped many dogs overcome obstacles. 

Jake is a certified CVTA 

Working in kennels for 10 years and is still a servicing an animal hospital 

He has had years of volunteer shelter experience and working in animal control.

Imprinted paws is glad to have him

Katie Planis 

Katie has always had a true passion and a heart of gold when it comes to rehabilitating and giving dogs a second chance.

Katie became a member of the training and assessment team, coordinating social groups of dogs and a volunteer mentor. She has been a dedicated volunteer for P.A.W.S for years and came to Imprinted Paws year ago to further her knowledge to helping dogs find forever homes and keep them 

Katie believes in never giving up on a dog and that shines through our program    

Reganne Webb

Reganne has been working summers with Imprinted Paws for 5 years. Reganne started off in group class learning to work with her and her families own personal dogs and from there the rest was history. We have watched this young lady build such phenomenal handler skills working each individual dog to he or shes specific needs. Every morning Reganne gets the day started with all our board and trains individual walks and spends time working dogs on in home house manner. We are truly honored to have her with us and admire her dedication to the dogs at Imprinted Paws.  


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We are all here to better serve you and your dog. 

We will dedicate ourselves to being honest to get you the best results 


Kelsey Romanowski

Kelsey started her journey over 5 years ago when she became an owner of a medical alert service dog, Bree

Although she had worked with a trainer for 2 years Bree was not at the level that was needed to be fully successful. That's when Kelsey decided to put her best foot forward in learning hands on through research, videos and different trainers. From there she devoloped a passion for dog training she did not know she had. She found that she loved teaching her dog new tricks, obedience and scent discrimination training. Kelsey knows was it is to have a goal to reach with your own personal dog and has brought that to the table at Imprinted Paws

Kelsey hopes to further her training in dock diving and FastCat for next year   



Bree is here to help all dogs

reach their goals 

With a follow me attitude 

she has led many dogs down the right path at Imprinted Paws 

Bree is a lead by example girl 

and she bring some great distractions to the table

Bree will help your dog 

clean up those behaviors in style